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I still remember the first time someone told me that part of my job description as a teacher was to “be inspiring.” Sarcastically, I imagined myself waving a magic wand to bestow curiosity on the bored. While I valued inspiration, it didn’t seem fair that I should be expected to  [ Read More ]

I was a junior in Rob Myslik’s English class when I first realized a classroom didn’t have to have desks in rows and students quietly attending to an academic lecture. This class had couches, and the topic of discussion always led back to the meaning of life. Mr. Myslik was  [ Read More ]

Who wouldn’t like the idea of student-centered learning? The very name seems to capture everything that education is supposed to be: an experience that is designed in the best interest of the student. While you would be hard-pressed to find an education professional arguing against student-centered learning, we still have  [ Read More ]

One of the most basic expectations for teachers is that we keep our students “under control.” When we stand in front of a classroom, we can envision the possibility (however remote), that the class may rise up and refuse to accept our authority, leaving us feeling powerless and incompetent. Rewards  [ Read More ]

If you or your children spend time in schools, you’ve experienced waves of reforms meant to “fix” education. Whether we are considering Data-Driven Instruction or Response to Intervention, these initiatives have brought fresh ideas to education. Still, there is often a disconnect between how we teach and how students learn. One  [ Read More ]

It has been just over a year since I first launched BlendedLearners.com. The months since I wrote my first blog post have been the most exciting of my career.  I have had the chance to work with dozens of teachers and school administrators, leveraging EdTech to support best instructional practice and  [ Read More ]