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Archive for January, 2016

I delivered my most “brilliant” lecture early in my teaching career. My junior English class was reading Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and both the concepts and the language proved challenging. I, myself, was not a huge fan of this extended essay when I was in high school, but as I re-read  [ Read More ]

“Go look it up.” Anyone born before the year 2000 knows this as the standard response when a student asks a teacher what a word means. This phrase symbolizes an old-fashioned, curmudegeonly approach to teaching, where the adult seems to not be responding to the child’s learning needs. In reality,  [ Read More ]

How would education be different if every teacher in the country had a personal assistant? Studies by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation found that 78% of teachers believe (2014) they need more planning time to properly implement the Common Core State Standards, and that, on average, teachers work 53 hours per  [ Read More ]

A Tale of Two Technologies

There are countless ways to think about the role of technology in the classroom. If you ask educators to define education technology or describe its benefits, you’d likely get as many answers as respondents. How can we be strategic and effective in using technology if we are not sure of why  [ Read More ]

For the inaugural Blended Learners blog post, I decided to revisit a conversation that summed up for me both the opportunity and the challenge of incorporating blended learning into our classrooms. I was delivering a presentation on how to use Khan Academy to personalize instruction and generate data. Since I used  [ Read More ]