About Me

I am a lifelong educator and teacher coach with a passion for student-centered and student-driven learning helping teachers and school leaders design classrooms that will engage students and help prepare them to be explorers and independent thinkers in a world we can only imagine.

When I began teaching, I came into the classroom with a passion for engaging students in the material I was teaching. I understood that it was my excitement, and my ability to communicate that excitement, that allowed my ‘teaching’ to be effective. As time went on, I moved farther and farther from the center of the classroom. Instead, my focus shifted to my passion for personalized and project-based learning, student creations and student-led discussions.

My explorations in the classroom have led me to take on other roles within education, including writing, speaking, designing and revising curricula, implementing technology, and instructional coaching. I believe that only by combining the best practices of traditional educational and cutting-edge pedagogy, can we provide 21st century students with the education they truly deserve.

The space where learning happens